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Beau Amiibo Card

Tired of mystery island searching? Or can’t find the exact villager amiibo you want? I got chu! I have all villagers up to date with amiibos! ?? And my Passport cards look way cuter than the official plain amiibo cards.

Each card is made uniquely to each villager, then always tested before shipped out to make sure they are working correctly. The passport design displays all sorts of cute facts about each villager! From past games they were in as well as birthdays, personalities, favorite colors and more!

These cards are made to order, so they are always in stock! Each card is a fully functional Animal Crossing amiibo. All designs are custom made by me the owner of Teddymuffs Designs. I've used PVC NFC cards with my design adhered to the front and back. I also laminate the front to preserve the cuteness! They are scannable and work exactly like the official amiibos would.