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About me:

Hi there - my name is Jessi! I am the artist/designer behind Teddymuffs Designs. I have a love for video games (obviously) mostly Nintendo. But other consoles get some love too.

I live in New York with my amazing three very adorable fur babies - a white cat named Raybie, a orange tabby cat named Doppio, and lastly a super energetic husky named Tifa.

Throughout my life I was never sure what I wanted to do with myself. I always had this passion for art but never knew what to do with it. And then I ended up enrolling in college as a Nursing student which ended real quick. Didn't have the *guts* for it... Afterwards I was still unsure... and while I was wrapped up in the world of animation, it was then my amazing mother told me I should be a graphic design student. And thus I was! 

After graduating, and day jobs, I decided I wanted to take all my artistic-ness and my love of video games and create cute things. I was absolutely terrified at first. I honestly did not think anyone would like my art. But turns out you all are amazing and I get such an ego boost talking to anyone.

I just love the idea of reminding someone of such nostalgia, who maybe hasn't picked up a game in years because...well...adulting...I feel you, yes you!